We work hard to keep your home clean.


Home Cleaning

At Share Cleaning we provide exceptional quality and customer service.
  • •Dusting, mopping, and vacuuming all rooms
  • •Trash removal to your outdoor cans
  • •Kitchen counters, floor, and stove cleaning
  • •Bathroom vanity, tub, and toilet cleaning
  • •Cleaning supplies will be provided
  • •Move-In and Move-Out cleaning available

Window cleaning

Window cleaning is suggested twice a year to keep your home looking beautiful.
  • •Cleaning window glass with specialized solution
  • •Removing, cleaning, and replacing window screens
  • •Cleaning of window sills, tracks, and frames
  • •Drying each window to remove streaks and drips
  • •Two medium-sized panes (regular cost)
  • •Larger windows or additional panes (additional cost)

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning service for all those spills and stains you see around you.
  • •Cleaning of carpeted rooms and hallways
  • •Removal of dirt, debris, and stains
  • •Deodorizing to neutralize and remove odors
  • •Stairs
  • •Moving furniture (additional cost)

Mobile Auto Detail

Different packages to keep you vehicle looking great! Wether you just need the inside or outside of your car cleaned we can help. If you need a full detail, we got you covered also.
  • •Interior Detail Service $129.00 | $159.00
  • •Exterior Detail Service $149.00 | $189.00
  • •Interior-Exterior Detail Service $249.00 | $349.00
  • •Headlight Restoration - $129.99 per pair
*Price shown for small vehicle classification.

Building Maintenance

We are the top provider for all your commercial cleaning service – whether you need a one-time services or an ongoing maintenance program.
  • •Office
  • •Warehouse
  • •Residential Facility
  • •Apartment Complex
  • •Restaurant

Dry Cleaning

  • They were very attentive and the staff was friendly. The house smelled wonderful.
  • Everything went great. We are still using them a year later. I am very pleased with their services.
  • The team that showed up to clean our house were polite, punctual and most of all extremely detail oriented. Nothing was missed, everything was thoroughly cleaned. The house hasn't looked this good even when i was using a regular cleaning service. There were things I have tried to clean regularly that I have never been able to get as clean as they did. I will definitely use this company again and I hope this is the team that comes out. I bought a 6 hour cleaning session (which could be reduced to 3 hour if 2 people came, or 2 hour if 3 people came, etc.) and they managed to clean the whole house (1500 sq ft) very thoroughly in this amount of time. Description of work: Floors, bathrooms, kitchen cleaned. All furniture was dusted, including ceiling fans. Rugs and floors were vacuumed, couch was thoroughly cleaned, leather buffed.
  • There was a miscue on the original contact however this company worked hard to correct it. The 2 ladies showed up exactly on time and were very polite, professional and thorough. I received a follow up call later to be sure I was happy with the work performed to my satisfaction. I will highly recommend them and look forward to using them again.
  • Wonderfully. The only time I had a complaint the crew returned and cleaned my house with no charge. These folks are great people.
  • They came on time and were efficient and thorough.
  • Great! They were very thorough and did a good job.
  • The first time we had our home cleaned by Share Cleaning, they did a deep cleaning. They have an ongoing list of the regular services/cleaning that they do and are available to help with additional or special requests. Everything describing their services was presented to us in printed form and in a folder, so we knew just what to expect. We requested that the same team clean our house every time so they know what we like to have done and they have responded to our requests. We have been using Share Cleaning to clean our house for several months. They are professional, very accommodating and are reasonably priced. Johnnie has followed up after the first several cleanings and was very helpful in working with us as a new client and the the special requests that we had. Mirza is also very professional and she and her team do a nice job. We also feel that they are very trustworthy and we feel safe having them in our home. We would highly recommend Share Cleaning to anybody.
  • They have very hard working personnel. They came in and got to work right away. Overall, they did a very good job.
  • I used Share Cleaning for housecleaning. They did anything I asked them to do. They moved things around, put shelving together for me and moved furniture into other rooms. I used a coupon that I got off Angie's List. I pay $137 every two weeks. They come every other week.
  • They did a great job, they were very professional. I liked what they did. They provided an estimate for ongoing work. Their price was good and they were prompt.
  • Wonderful, beyond my hopes; arrived on time, good personalities, hard workers that know what they are doing -- you bet I will call them again.
  • Several housekeepers came, worked several hours and very thoroughly cleaned the residence, Even down to making the painted concrete floors SHINE! Very nice people! Have already used them again, and most of our communication was through e-mail, which was very handy for me.
  • If I need them to concentrate on one certain area they will take care of this for me, such as say blinds. They go the extra and take care of things. Usually one of the owners comes out and this makes a big difference to me as they take responsibility for their employees.
  • We're very happy with them. We feel safe letting them in our home when we are not around and trust them to do a good job.
  • They were on time and cleaned more than the average house cleaning service offers. They brought three people and were finished with much of the house in 2 hours. They were unable to thoroughly clean a second bedroom and bath only because they ran out of the of time allotted/scheduled per the purchased deal but they did wipe down the two room so, overall, they did an exceptional job. I have been looking for a quality service for over three years and have finaly found the service I am happy with.
  • Extremely well, very efficient, wonderful job!
  • I have been using Share Cleaning for over 2 years now and they are fantastic. Jesse has always been great to work with and they are very accommodating when I need to reschedule, etc. I'm happy to be a reference for anyone looking for a high quality, reliable company to work with.
  • Been using their service for almost half a year. Very thorough, willing to do extras as needed, prompt, courteous. We have ~3500 sq ft home, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 4 teenagers. They do a great job! Would definitely recommend!
  • I have used Share Cleaning at my home and also at my apartment. They have been good and I think relatively fair in terms of the rates they offer. They do send a couple of people over, which speeds up cleaning process. I will continue to use them and do recommend them to anyone.
  • Jessie and Maria have cleaned my house for over two years and I am very pleased with the service. I've come to know them and trust them to come to my house when I'm not there. They are professional and prompt and they are always good natured when I change requests.